Wireless SSD for Dad

Don’t get Dad another tie this Father’s Day. This year get him something he’ll actually use, like this passport Wireless SSD..

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New RV owner shopping list

I recently bought my first RV. I was shocked by what was missing when I got to the campground. Luckily the dealer had filled the fresh water tank so I could shower and stuff but wasn’t able to dump the tanks when I left the campground. Not a horrible thing but if you can it’s better to empty the tanks since water is heavy and you’ll get better gas mileage with empty tanks.

So I did a little research and came up with this list of things that will make your first RV camping experience a little less stressful.

1) fresh water hose (white)

2) sewer hose

3) sewer hose stand

4) water pressure regulator

5) Dawn dish soap

6) dogbone 50-> 30

7) surge protector

8 ) Lysol spray disinfectant

9) rubber gloves

10) tpms

11) really good flashlight

12) non-slip material for counter tops

14) solid rubber wheel chocks

15) trash bags

16) garden hose (green)

17) spray nozzle

that should get you started. 🙂

This (LINK) takes you to my New RV Shopper page with links to help you buy many of these items through Amazon. I couldn’t find all of the items available with free Prime 2-day shipping so you may want to check out a local Home Depot or Walmart too.

All in One PC Saves Space

Anyone looking at All In One desktop computers? They take up less space than tegular desktops, have fewer wires to mess with, and the ones with touch screen let you skip the keyboard / mouse hassles!

This isn’t Dell’s top of the line model but it is a pretty powerful model.

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