New Posters Available

I have two new posters available on TeeSpring. These are inspired by the nautical theme. Pictures were taken in Newport, OR.


RVParky Android App Review

In this video I provide an overview of the app RVparky.

If you’re looking for free overnight parking this app does provide a few options but they are mostly places like Walmart, rest areas and truck stops.

Still, in a pinch, the app comes in handy when your secret campsite lead turns out to be a bust and now it’s getting dark and you need to find a spot quickly.

How to capture and share Google Maps location information

I’ve seen a few requests on Facebook about including location info along with pics for boondocking sites so decided to make a video showing how I capture & share map location info.

This video was recorded on an Android device but I imagine iPhones offer similar functionality.

It’s rough (I’m not a pro & don’t have a big budget to hire a production crew) but should get the basics across!