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Sunny Days Are Here!

I’ve been hanging out in WA state now for a few weeks and am loving this weather. Yes it rained at lot this year but I survived. Now it’s time for summer, sunny days are here!

Here are a few pics from TT Chehalis campground. I’m pretty isolated but the lodge is still walking distance. Love waking up to this view.

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Back in Seaside, OR

Hanging out in Seaside, OR again this week. Great weather so far, rain predicted for later this week.

Found a nice place to sit, eat lunch and just watch the waves. Plenty of public parking on a Monday .. probably packed on the weekend!

Tons of driftwood tho not sure how they feel about taking it. 

If you visit & want to walk down to the sand look for the path at the North end of the parking area. Walking across those round rocks is like walking on marbles!

Google maps link..,-123.938498

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Three Great Signs


Please pardon the interruption!

I’m helping a fellow writer, Neil Cameron, promote his book titled “Three Great Signs”. I’ve published the preview version of the book to Amazon for him since he is not yet up to speed on the latest ebook publishing tools.

Below is a brief introduction Neil provided for me to share. The preview is a good read by itself but only scratches the surface of what Neil had to say on this intriguing subject.

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Black Tank Maintenance

Entertaining, educational, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure. Now that’s my idea of a good movie. This video, however, leaves nothing to the imagination. Not recommended watching during or immediately after as meal. 🙂