Amazon Sale

I know this is not travel or photography- related but the deals are too good to pass up.

Amazon has put their tablets on sale again. I bought the 10 inch, sharp screen, Android, integrated with all Amazon services. Best 10 inch “super-smart” TV out there!


Slab City January 2018

The weather is fantastic and it’s the perfect time to be out taking pics at Slab City so I’ll have some new images (and posters!) to share soon. Check back in about a week for my Slab City 2018 collection.

**Update **

I created a new Facebook group for promoting and enjoying the creative vibe that energizes Slab City!

Slab City Artists are encouraged to join and post examples of their work.

Everyone is encouraged to join and experience art inspired by the “last free place in America!”

Click the link below to check us out. 🙂

<Slab City Art>