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Secret Hideaway Kind Of Place

After hanging out at the coast (Seaside, OR) for a couple of weeks I’m headed back to Portland to help a friend with some “stuff”.

Driving along hwy 26 I see a sign that says “state natural area” or some such nonsense (didn’t get a good look at the sign) so I thought “better check this place out … for future reference.”

Less than 1000 yards from the highway I see an abandoned, burned out car and some guy riding a 3-wheel bike loaded down with what looks like “homeless person” stuff. Oh crap. Not exactly a lost paradise. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound I thought. Let’s see what’s ahead.

So I keep driving and soon the road gets steep so I’m thinking bicycle people probably won’t be interested in tackling this hill with their heavy load. Maybe I’ll have the place to myself after all.

At some point a sign said 7 miles but I didn’t read what was at the seven mile mark. By now the road is steep, winding and narrow. I’m completely surrounded by wilderness and loving it!

Ten minutes into the drive I pass a car. Damn! Not all alone. Then I pick up a tailgater. Geez Louise .. people, go home! 🙂 Oh well, the trees are lovely.

I keep driving, enjoying the (mostly) peace and quiet. The tailgater finally passes me and I pass two more cars. This is definitely not going to be a secret hideaway kind of place.

Almost 30 minutes later I arrive at a good sized parking lot, restrooms at one end, campgrounds and hiking paths off to the right. Several cars tell me this is no secret place. So much for my big find. 😦

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Mount St Helen 2017

Visited Mount St Helens today. Surprised to see that it hasn’t changed much from when I visited 5 years ago. Some regrowth but only a little.

Was planning to spend this week at Chehalis, WA but after seeing the 100+ degree forecast I decided to make a quick retreat back to the coast.

Long Beach here I come!

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Weather’s fine in SW Washington

Yep, yep, yep … that’s me NOT complaining about gray skies, cool temps, peaceful surroundings with no traffic to fight my way through!

Spending the afternoon in Cape Disappointment State Park in SW Washington.

With high temperatures in the mid 60s I went for a hike and didn’t break a sweat. (have I mentioned that I don’t like to sweat?) 🙂

This little corner of the park seems to get very few visitors, making it one of my favorite spots.

I get good cell reception too … that’s a plus for a hard workin’ (picture takin’, blog postin’) guy such as myself!

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Sunny Days Are Here!

I’ve been hanging out in WA state now for a few weeks and am loving this weather. Yes it rained at lot this year but I survived. Now it’s time for summer, sunny days are here!

Here are a few pics from TT Chehalis campground. I’m pretty isolated but the lodge is still walking distance. Love waking up to this view.